Can Dogs Eat Feta Cheese? Cheese for Dogs

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Can Dogs Eat Feta Cheese? Cheese for Dogs

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It is normal to be curious and to be concerned about what your pooch ingests. So, simply put, it is quite right to ask the question, “Can dogs eat feta cheese?”

Can Dogs Eat Feta Cheese?

So, the answer to your question is right in this guide, whether dogs can eat feta cheese or not and whether it’s even good for them or not.

Feta cheese is quite common among humans and these humans include pet lovers and owners so, they should be sure whether their pooch can eat it and even if it is good for it.

The response to the question, “Can dogs eat feta cheese?” is yes, dogs can eat feta cheese and that’s because feta cheese is something edible and dogs can eat anything edible.

But, should dog eat feta cheese? No, they shouldn’t and that is also because it has a high content of lactose in it. And, it also has a high content of sodium in it.

So, just these two factors are quite the reason to make your pooch avoid this cheese as it is also considered to be too fatty for dogs.

This is just the answer to the question in a simple and straightforward manner but there are still some things you need to know and understand about this cheese relating to dogs which will all be detailed in this guide.

Is Feta Cheese Safe for The Consumption of Dogs?

This question is though a little bit controversial because some considered cheese generally to be healthy for dogs while some regard it as dangerous to dogs.

And, with no doubt, we can say both are correct but concerning the main question in this guide, feta cheese should be avoided by dogs.

Although it is actually not dangerous to them, what it actually contains is what is not healthy for dogs so, it is quite better to avoid it then.

Feta cheese can be considered safe for the consumption of dogs with high tolerance to lactose which is present in feta cheese.

Feta cheese and cheese generally are delectable and tasty so, there is a high chance of your pooch eating too much of it even though it has high lactose tolerance.

This is to say that it is quite safe than to be sorry meaning it is probably quite better to avoid it than have to deal with its aftermath.

Dogs have a low tolerance to lactose which is present in feta cheese and every other cheese so, it is quite better to avoid it totally although, there are some dogs that have a high tolerance to lactose.

Some of these cheeses have little content of lactose in them but which is quite high for dogs especially for dogs with low lactose tolerance.

If a dog happens to consume feta cheese, its digestive system will be unable to break it down, leaving it undigested in its stomach.

The undigested feta cheese in the dog’s stomach will lead to abdominal pains and even lead to bloating, diarrhea, gas, and vomiting in the dog.

It should be noted that food with high-fat content should not be given to dogs and feta cheese happens to have high-fat content so, it should be avoided.

The consumption of too much fat is quite dangerous for dogs as it can potentially lead to some heart problems and pancreatitis.

Is Feta Cheese Good For Dogs?

Although, dogs are advised to avoid feta cheese because of its high lactose content and also its high sodium content.

But, even though, it can put dogs in some danger, it still has some nutrients in it that can be quite beneficial to dogs.

So, this is not actually to say that you should feed your pooch feta cheese because there are some nutrients in it that can be beneficial to dogs, you should still take some precautions.

Feta cheese is not only rich in sodium and lactose which are not quite beneficial to dogs but also rich in protein and also considered to be a great source of calcium which can be both beneficial to dogs.

Is Feta Cheese Bad for Dogs?

Actually, feta cheese is not dangerous or harmful to dogs meaning if your pooch happens to just eat a little bit of it, it will surely be okay, raising no cause for alarm.

However, consuming too much of this cheese can be a problem, it can be dangerous so, always make sure your pooch does not consume too much of it because it is tasty and delicious which means there is a high tendency for your dog to want to consume much.

Dogs are different from each other and react to things differently so, just try giving your pooch a little bit of feta cheese and watch its reaction to it.

There are noticeable signs of negative reaction from dogs to feta cheese and these noticeable signs include passing of so much gas, vomiting, or experiencing diarrhea.

So, if you observe any of the above noticeable signs after you gave your pooch a little bit of feta cheese, it will be best to make sure your pup always avoids it.

Even if at all, you want to give your pooch feta cheese and it does not react negatively to it, it will be best to just make it a rare sporadic treat for your pooch.

Dogs in general for no reason just eat feta cheese excessively and it should be a treat your offer them every day.

Spices and seasonings are always harmful to dogs so, adding them to feta cheese will just make things worse as spices like onion and garlic and even seasoning are dangerous dogs.

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Final Thoughts on Can Dogs Eat Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is not always bad for dogs and it can be simply put that it is only bad for dogs with low lactose tolerance.

It can also be bad for dogs if there are some additions to it like spices or/and seasonings which are naturally bad for dogs.

There are some cheese dogs can actually eat and there are some that are not safe for the consumption of dogs.

The cheese that is safe for the consumption of dogs are the kinds with low-fat content and also a low lactose content.

Cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese are cheese with low lactose and fat content which implies that they are safe for the consumption of dogs.

But, cheese that should be avoided by dogs includes blue cheese, cheeses with seasonings, goat cheese, brie cheese, and feta cheese.

So, the response to the question, “Can dogs eat feta cheese?” is yes, dogs can eat feta cheese but you should consider your options before giving it to them.

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